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The Voting System
When viewing other people's profiles, there is an interface that allows you to rate the individual members of their team. It's usually the nicknames that can make a Pokemon cuter or cooler than the rest, but if you want to base it on personal standards, that's fine. If you think that one of their Pokemon is cute, and you want to get it across to the other player, you can easily rate that Pokemon as cute by clicking the 'Plus' sign found in the 'Cute' column, and in the same row as the Pokemon.
Why Rate?
Rating another player's Pokemon increases the chance of other players rating yours. But why would you want that? When a player rates your Pokemon, one of your Pokemon's Appeal Stats will increase. Each of the Appeal Stats has a Battle Stat that it increases upon being increased itself. So, that means, the more votes your Pokemon gets, the stronger it becomes! And that's right... Your Pokemon has the potential to be the best!
The Quickview
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The Battle
A Pokemon's Stats
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